Frequently asked questions

How do we pay?

After consultation via email you will be given either a bank account to pay into or a link to a PayPal account if you prefer.

Who writes the programs?

Both Luke and Liz will write the programs, with Liz having final approval before it is sent to clients

How much contact can we have with coaches?

Unlimited email contact and pre arranged phone calls at designated times if needed.

What fitness do you need to have to start running with TMR?

It doesn’t matter what your fitness level is. We can cater a program suitable for you and help you build on your fitness from month to month. We do advise a medical assessment from your doctor if you have not been very physically active in the past.

What are the age limits for your programs?

The minimum age for training is 11 years old. All programs are catered to individual needs so will be adjusted depending on age, training age and physical condition.

How soon after payment will you receive your program?

Within 7 days of receipt of payment for the month.

Are there discounts if you pay for multiple months?

Yes, there are discounts for 3 and 6 month purchases for online programs.

Can you advise on suitable races for me to run in?

Yes, we can consult with you about appropriate races to compete in. This will take into account your long term goals.

Can you recommend shoes, clothing, and other running accessories?

We do not like to recommend these items as they are all different and no ‘one size fits all’. We can direct you to professionals who can help you with these choices.