For me running is both the easiest and hardest of sports. The fundamentals, breathing, stride, pace and rhythm, seem so natural it’s hard to reason why you would need a coach. Just get out there and run. And yes, you can do that, but – and it’s a big but – there is the issue of persistence, keeping yourself going. There is not much point taking up running for a day or a week. Then there is your desire to be a better runner, improve your fitness and even compete. This is when you start looking for a friendly hand. Working with Liz Mathews over the last four years has clearly made me a better runner and most importantly she has kept me going by providing a variety of training programs which take into account my fitness, injuries and moods. As a Masters athlete, I was never planning to compete seriously but as I felt my fitness take-off I couldn’t resist testing myself out. Fortunately, Liz is also very tuned into preparing an athlete for competition and since joining her she has helped me reach my peak for state, national and international championships. Coming home with medals at all these levels has given me a great sense of satisfaction, but I also realise that it would have been difficult to do on my own and frankly a little boring. I’m very happy to recommend Liz Matthews as a coach who can get you out there to run for fitness or competition.

Paul Thomas

I have had the privilege to know Liz Mathews for the last 4 years as athletic coach to my daughters. During the time I have been really impressed with Liz’s passion and dedication for helping ALL her athletes to reach their full potential. Liz’s knowledge has been invaluable to the growth and development of my girls and they love being involved in a group that everyone feels confident and comfortable in. She has a gift for combing a warm and friendly manner with a disciplined approach to training her athletes.
Her positive energy encourages her athletes to strive to achieve their full potential and to have fun whilst training! Liz’s success is proven by her accomplishments of current athletes at all levels from state, national and world class level in all ages.

Megan Goldsworthy

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Team Mathews Running to aspiring, casual or professional runners. With Liz’s help my son managed to qualify for the Junior Track and Field national championships in his first year of training… More importantly as a 15 year old boy he is motivated to train and improve, has set specific goals for himself, and is focused on what he needs to do if he wants be a successful athlete. As a parent that’s all I can ask for! Thanks Mathews family

Kelly-Ann Camillo

I started training with Liz at Williamstown athletics 8 months ago. It was just after my second marathon and I had contacted the local track about joining. My main goal at this time was just to become faster and whilst this has been the case I’ve also met some fantastic people along the way! Liz’s session’s and the community feel make for a great environment to improve your running and have some fun doing so!

Krystal Sharp

Luke and Liz Mathews are the dynamic duo. With Luke’s international and Olympic track and field experience and Liz’s unbelievable ability to train/coach athletes at all level’s you couldn’t be in better hands. And Liz’s athlete’s performances at State, National and international level tells the story. As a father of two aspiring young athletes I couldn’t be happier with the training programs and support that Luke and Liz provide my boys. While Luke works inside the sessions, Liz is the master behind all the weekly, monthly and yearly programmes for every athlete. Couldn’t recommend them highly enough and you won’t be disappointed.

Matt Forster